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music from afar by AFAR

Well, well, welcome again!

You came here at the right time, as we are unleashing not only ours, but also AFAR’s first long player.
Over the past year, we’ve grown very fond of those two, as they keep on surprising and enchanting us with their beautiful world of lo-fi electronica.

The duet combines beautiful and beast-like soundscapes to go alongside this never fading duality of darkness and light.
Music from afar is a collection of stories, dreamt up and thought through in and around a small house in the middle of nowhere a.k.a. Biesenthal and finalised in the comfort of their home.
Sound from afar far away, straight into your frontal cortex, warming up your soul soup.

As this LP isn’t necessarily looking for the dancefloor, but wants to be listened to as a whole, we’d like to advise you kindly to buy it as such.
That way, you’ll also get the whole trip as a bonus mix for free.

So grab your copy, put the needle on and start wobbling with the music.

From Drosssel & AFAR with much love.

released February 14, 2019

Written, recorded & mixed at home and in Biesenthal by Elena Gniss & Joseph Varschen (AFAR)
Mastering by Tilmann Eimicke (Haunted Water)
Cover artwork by Natascha Naffin
Photography & writings by AFAR
Visual concept by Patrick Caire
Design by Elias Suske