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Misterioso by Expositions

Balearic Social Recordings return after a hiatus with a new release from Reuben Vaun Smith.

“The EP sees Reuben moving slightly away from downtempo pop towards fever dream fantasies and drug-induced paradises, which is nowhere more apparent than on the near 15 minute “Energía Mística.” The track is a slowed seaside disco epic, featuring nimble funk basslines, kaleidoscopic guitar refractions, blissful fusion leads, layers of solar squelch, fourth world dub electronics, acid fuzz space solos, and snippets of spoken Spanish flowing in and out of birdsong…the whole thing comprising a journey in extended balearic jamming only rivaled by Max Essa’s “Panoramic Suite.” As for the other two tracks, we are treated to shorter, though no less expansive adventures, both featuring acid house bassline percolations and further trippy Spanish spoken word sampling. “Misterioso” sets a filmic dancefloor gallop beneath jangling western guitars, sea-crystal melodies, mellotronic prog flutes, sci-fi synth leads, chanted breaths, and layers of extasy laughter while in “Tomate tu tiempo,” machine beats lock into a samba-esque swing, AOR guitars ride a warming summer wind, marimba fractals surround woodwind lullabies, soulful chords stoke vibes of 70s disco intoxication… more
released April 2, 2021