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5778 by Jonas Schilling

Jonas Schilling is a musician from Germany and currently lives in Berlin.
As a multi-instrumentalist and sound explorer he likes to work with everything that sounds. The urge to be surprised is one of his main motivations. That’s why every Jonas Schilling track starts with experimentation and improvisation.

As a part-time German teacher he regards music as a language and rhythm as its grammar. Is it more important what you say or how you say it? Does right or wrong exist in music? Is it “der”, “die” or “das” Kick Drum?

His compositions are often born out of deep melancholy being rescued by optimistic warmth. After spending some years in Berlin’s electronic scene, his music is also reminiscent of countless Sunday afternoons on sunlit dance floors.
Besides writing music as a solo artist, he is also composing for theatre and contemporary dance projects.

5778 was planned and composed in the classic sense of emotional song writing. Last winter i looked out of my window in Berlin and thought to write something that would cheer me up. I needed something full of light and energy, something heroic that would be opposed to how i felt.

Brass was the most logical instrument to compose this hymn. What you hear is like a Fanfare that was only blown after 7 days of loop tweaking.
All went automatically from there. What really drove me was the spiritual urge to go upwards, to grow towards the sun.
This feeling is what ultimately led to the title of the track.
5778 Kelvin is the average temperature of the Sun’s surface.

After several revisions of the track I was very lucky to be on my balcony when some kids were playing in front of my house on an early spring day.
If you listen carefully you can hear them proclaim „Wir sind die Größten!“ („We are the greatest!“)

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released June 29, 2022