In Ballet With Day And Night by Core Fields

This is the debut EP by Core Fields for Switchstance Recordings. It showcases his great talent of producing and composing beautiful soundscapes that incorporate the beauty of planet earth and its dusty rhythms.

Core Fields started his journey exploring the craft of music through various styles and genres of music. He got inspired to start producing sounds with acoustic instruments combined with future synthesizer sounds led by the rhythm of dirty old vinyl drum tracks and electronically created drum patterns. Using different ethnic sounds and instruments his intention is to create imaginary landscapes for the listener´s mind. Through the years Core Fields collaborated with several talented artists that can be heard on his current releases.

In his own words:

“My music is inspired by and dedicated to the wilderness of this planet, the beauty of nature, the love for humans, animals, insects and life itself. While searching for answers through the mysteries of life i find my peace in the heart of music. Individually and as a collective we all go through the ups and downs of life. My intention is to share this musical experience by translating these emotions throughout my productions.

The production process always starts with the rhythm section. Layering different samples to get a ‘moving beat’. In this process i search for dark, heavy, crusty percussive sound recordings. Throughout this process i work out the composition and try to find that ‘right sound’ that will compliment the element of rhythm. Choosing different instruments to bring in those melancholic vibes and using complimentary FX to finalize the production. I always try to create a mystical feeling with those strange synthesizer sounds blended with the sweet sound of various acoustic instruments.”

released September 9, 2022

Written, mixed and composed by Loi van der Weide.
Produced by Core Fields.
Mastering by Waltz Mastering.
Published by Oneminded Soul Publishing.
Cover art by Artificial Biosphere.
P & C 2022 Switchstance Recordings

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