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Kizas do Ly by DJ LYCOX

The pace of this EP from the familiar hand of DJ Lycox on the impeccable Príncipe label has a melancholy and sloth to it that is very welcome. It has been my most listened to record of the month.

There are many things going on at once, but the music is as laid-back as a stroll through the park. Lycox’s melodies tell stories without words, like a kind of folk music rooted in the electronic and dance traditions around him. Kizas do Ly is downright pretty.


You know and we know, what time is Now. Or picking up on classic KLF: “What Time Is Love?”. It was Springtime when we decided to anticipate the release of the digital version of “Kizas Do Ly” and a reinforcement of love was much needed. Since then, insanity did not revert back to sanity as we hoped, but the full hand-painted vinyl version is now ready, featuring brand new “split-personality” artwork.

In the popular style of Kizomba, these four tunes float above us, seeing the Beyond and celebrating the style’s core concern, which is romance and the attachment of bodies to one another. So if actual proximity seems to be ill-advised this year, let’s temporarily move to another realm and see what happens when mind does away with body. A sort of afterlife.
released March 20, 2020

Written and Produced by Dj Lycox
Mastered by Tó Pinheiro Da Silva
Artwork by Márcio Matos