Jenga Remixed by uji


Uji presents “Jenga Remixed” featuring Nicola Cruz, Rodrigo Gallardo and M.Rux

Uji’s single Jenga, from his debut release “Alborada”, has been re-imagined through the ears of international collaborators Nicola Cruz (Ecuador), Rodrigo Gallardo (Chile), and M. Rux (Germany). Each of the remixes has a unique approach and sound, baring the artistic mark of each of the three producers, but also showing the diversity of electronic music today. Jenga in particular is a track that lends itself to re-interpretation, Uji’s vocals are distinguishable yet highly addictive, and each of these interpretations has re-harmonized and re-imagined them, yet remain true to the tribal nature of the original. Nicola Cruz speeds things up with a remix that pushes into the uncharted territory of high energy percussive, tribal music, while M. Rux delivers a highly musical, mushroom raver that pulls some punches. Rodrigo Gallardo offers his signature dance floor pumping production taking us straight into late-night club culture. The EP lines up the three remixes along with the original album cut, which evokes a pre-verbal state reminiscent of tribal cultures. The included acapella also invites producers to continue to explore and remix the track endlessly.

released July 19, 2019

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