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[GHR09] MAPAJO by Susobrino

He’s a Bolivian Indiana Jones. More like Indiana Juan. An adventurous journey to achieve the perfect sound of South American, African and all other exotic ethnical music combined with digital ingredients that have a perfect understanding of world rhythms and self filling energy . Susobrino will present you his debut EP “Mapajo”. An EP fully made of his field recording trip to Bolivia. From the Amazone to the traditional carnaval of Oruro! A performance containing live traditional instruments with an electronic base will voodoo your body.

Susobrino biography :

Susobrino is a half Bolivian chico living in Belgium since the age of two months.
He started on a toy keyboard playing along with the radio. That’s when his parents placed him in a music school.
Acoustic guitar was his main instrument for many years until he moved to Spain for two years in 2008 and came across a friend that produces instrumentals for rappers. Suso started to experiment with the DAW and quickly became obsessed with it.
Back in Belgium he studied Ableton producing in Hasselt at PXL Music for three years and met his two best friends Ashley Morgan… more
released March 14, 2018

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