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[GHR17] Barefruit by Shambalesa

It was a special moment when Antonia Vai and Taremina’s paths crossed for the first time. Their soulful musical connection started on the stage of a magical, mystery island on the danube and carried them to places all around the globe this past year. Synchronizing in the very moment, they become an expressive unity on stage and improvise multi-cultural beats with empowering, hypnotic vocals.

Barefruit is a dedication to the feminine force in its purest rawest perfection. Produced by French world-music activists Fanfara Electronica, the making of this track travelled over continents. It’s the first release of Shambalesa.
released January 15, 2020

Fanfara Electronica

Global hybrid Rec.

Music produced by Fanfara Electronica
Voice recorded by Antonia Vai

First Mix & Instrumental : Fanfara Electronica
Mastered by Mati Zundel (Contact for mix & master :