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Gate to Gondwana EP by M.Age.Project

Ramasetu is an ancient land bridge which once connected India and Sri Lanka. Myths say it was build by the hosts of ape king Hanuman before it was drowned by time and tide.
The Sanskrit word “Rama” means “pleasing, delightful, charming, beautiful, lovely”, but it‘s also a term for “dark” and “night”. The word “Setu” means “bridge”.
This highly ethnical flavored track with its colorful ancient and progressive sounds, (poly)rhythmic elements and a delicate psychedelic touch is like a bridge between cultures, continents, people –
between the known and unknown – between past, present and future. Feel the “beautiful dark” floor moving energy and enjoy the mystical journey with my new tribal deep house track RAMASETU!

Gondwana was a supercontinent that merged with Euramerica in the Carboniferous to form Pangaea. It was the largest continental landmass on our planet.
Located in the Southern Hemisphere, it incorporated several modern landmasses, including South America, Africa, Madagascar, Australia, as well as the Arabian Peninsula and the Indian subcontinent.
This track is a tribal trip through times and… more
released October 8, 2019

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