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Picaflor by Martin Bruhn

Shika Shika is proud to present ‘Picaflor’, the new album by Argentine percussionist and composer Martin Bruhn. Filled with colour and festivity, this new release takes us on a journey to Peru’s Mantaro region and is a heartfelt homage to the Huanca music and culture.

Recorded during the first year of the pandemic in Martin’s home studio, it has a beautifully simple, almost Lo-Fi aesthetic to it, which pays tribute to and resembles the original vinyl recordings of the andean region’s huayno orchestras.

In Martin’s own words:
“There are commendations, homages and dedications, call it whatever you want, but I like to think of this album as a celebration. PICAFLOR tries to go beyond a simple search for musical similarities. It pays tribute to a certain sonic aesthetic, to the orchestral originality and the great simplicity of this music. It is an ode to the greats: Picaflor de Los Andes, Flor Pucarina, Zenobio Dagna, the Ases de Huancayo orchestra, to Charlie de la Cruz Palomino and to so many others I do not know.

In short, this album represents the constant search for my own carnival and this time I am happy to invite the rest of the world… more
released May 13, 2021

Leandro Guffanti : Saxos, Clarinetes Y Escencia Absoluta
Augusto Bracho : Bajo Arpero Y Voz En 6 Y 10.
Mariana Carrizo: Voz En 1
Diego Galaz : Violines
Marina Sorin : Violonchello Y Phonofiddle
Antonio Restucci : Ronroco Y Mandolina
Gabriel Perez : Saxos, Clarinetes En 7 Y 8
German Wiedemer: Arpa Hotelera
Chelo Segui: Saxos En 3 Y 9
Nacho Mastretta :clarinetes En 3 Y 9
Leo Genovese: Saxos En 5, 8 Y 9.
Martin Bruhn: Percusion, Voces Y Ruido.

Mezclado Por Gustavo Guerrero En Su Casa .
Masterizado Por Leonel Carmona En Estudios Capital, Cdmx
Foto : Marina Della Giustina
Arte De Tapa : Sara Marcos Y Hector De La Puente