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Montserrat Mystique & Bungalow Baby by Faint Waves

Faint Waves makes his debut release on Real Balearic, after remixing Black Marlins’ track “The Sunrise” at the start of 2019. The Florida based musician, Justin Weems started the Faint Waves project in 2013 and has released on labels such as Eclectics as well as a series of self released music via his Bandcamp.

The release opens with sweeping sounds of seashore found within “Montserrat Mystique”. This is a signature feature of Faint Waves productions and he continues this tradition. Delicately layered on top you find tropical percussion and soothing pads, all with a vintage glaze. The track patiently builds until half-way when the down tempo beat kicks in and sails it along till the end.

Following on, “Bungalow Baby” has similar sonic characteristics, yet is the more upbeat with a jazzy tinge to it. The warm bass-line glides alongside the retro organ and glockenspiel like intertwining melodies. The percussion elements keep the track cruzing along into the sunset.

This chilled out 2 track release perfectly captures the luscious and tropical themes behind the Faint Waves project. Its no surprise that he comes from somewhere like Daytona Beach.
released October 18, 2019

Written & Produced by Justin Weems.
Published by Dharma Songs.

(P) & (C) 2019 Real Balearic