Dr Brodsky – Folcore Records Mixtape – LADO B

Dr Brodsky – Mixtape Folcore -LADO B-

Tribilin Sound – Plastilina Musical
Jhon William Castaño Montoya – Cumbia de Piedra
Fashionfacts – Crystallized
Castora Herz – Tormenta Tus Ojos
Basher Toe – Spireality pt.1 (Instrumental)
Dr. Brodsky – La consagración (Panther Panther! Remix)
Volatil – Mapuche canta
Oye!Simpson – Interlude (Mystic Slap)
Doma Tornados – Cumbia Cuántica
Tropical Terror – Caliente
Qechuaboi – Mas Zamorra
Nixtamal – Maria Theresa
Fat Freddy’s Drop & Celeda – Underground (Le Freak Selector mix)
Tu Guaina – Melmak (en honor)
Sonora Machaca – Patronal
cherman & qechuaboi – bassewombia
Alpha Stronggah – Templo
Tropikal Camel – In Die Hafla – Sonnen Alle Dub
Chelo Scotti – Ramba Zamba 2
N A T I V O – Mapacho
Lucas Lead – Pal celestial
Guazú – Pajarito

All tracks released by Folcore Records

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