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Temple of Time by Mark Alow

Sol Selectas is very excited to present the second EP from Spanish artist Mark Alow titled “Temple of Time”. After the break out success of his “Golden Tiger” release last year, which catapulted Mark to be the #1 Deep House artist on Beatport, he returns with three original tracks, further defining his signature style.

“Temple of Time” is a blissful journey that plays with the different timbres of the skahuhachi flute, and the kora string instrument. The playful interaction between these 2 instruments, in Mark’s own words, “ transports me to an ancient time”.

“Astrophilia” has a hypnotic groove which pulsates with subtleties and wind instruments, setting the tone for the chanting voices we hear on the breakdown. The irresistible tribal elements keep us on the path through time.

“Yugen” increases the funk level with its simple but effective bass line, swirling pads, and flute stabs. The breakdown takes us to an enchanting dance party in a Japanese meditative garden, followed by uplifting chords leading us back into the dance.

For the remix of “Temple of Time” we welcome back Armenian wonder Hraach, who continues to re-define the deep house sound with his incredible take on Temple of Time. Adding ethereal synth stabs on top of a chugging tribal rhythm, this remix will help this time traveling EP reach new galaxies.

The artwork by Helia Jamali portraits the passage of time upon the Earth’s magical landscapes, and into a parallel dimension where sunsets surround a sacred geometric temple of time, with an archway leading us into the future.
released September 30, 2019