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Wuza Waves #059 – Alma Linda – MY SQUAD

This wave roots in Chile. She cruised through Italy, France and England before stranding in Berlin. Here, Alma Linda has not only scored with good music. She has also performed outstandingly as a booker. But her waters go much deeper than musical ambitions, as her engagement for diversity equality dives deep. We are glad and grateful that people like Alma are part of our scene and contribute to its development.

Via Alma Linda:
So for the title I chose “MY SQUAD.” In this time it has become more important than ever for me to feel the cohesion of my crew – this set is on the one side an allowance of a feeling of loneliness in this daily fight for justice and equality, but it is also a tribute to the power of WE ❤️.
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Alma Linda
SC: @alma_linda
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Yolanda Frei
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Bora Bao