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Downtempo Rituals Ka:lu – Summer Solstice

Downtempo Rituals
Ka:lu – Summer Solstice

As the sun wraps his arms around the moon,
She craves his touch like it’ll be gone too soon.
The warmth he gave was burning her skin
Caressing her very soul within
As they eclipse and darken the bright sky
She can’t help but wonder why
After all this time, she’s been waiting for him
But now it’s here, it’s not as good as it seem
Because as the clock starts to tick
Her insides start to feel sick
Soon the eclipse will be over
Leaving her mind with more thoughts to hover
As his lights touch her darkness,
She found herself in another madness
What craziness has fate brought
To let them eclipse for only a thought.
As we face new moon and annular solar eclipse same time this weekend , we happily introduce you new character of our Moontape series , Multimedia artist, producer, co founder of label @hupupa_rec , & just remarkably talented human being , Luca Cataldo , ‘Ka:lu’
@kalunet , from Italy.
Alike this day , with lots of things going on in the universe from new moon to annular solar eclipse , to the first day of astronomical summer , we present you a mix full of many hidden gems , surprise revamping and simply satisfying for the soul and the ears .
Ka:lu is an artist that focuses his works on audiovisual installation, big projections, vjing, music production and djing.

His journey into music starts at age 15 when he got the famous technics 1200; in 1999 he moves in Rome where he enters the Drum and Bass underground scene, getting involved in the Italian bass culture for years jumping from a Dj to a vj consolle; during this time he also keep exploring audiovisuals languages and electronic music production having the chance to perform in many parties, festivals and events in Italy and at international level too (Holland, Germany, Spain, Canaries, England, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Norway and Iran).
Moving from the city to the green hills in the center Italy, after some years of being off from music, he returns back on djing and production looking for different sounds such as deep techno, downtempo, dubtech, slowtech, ethno, tropical, meditative, multicultural. 

Through his arts, as in music, he always tries to express the believe into sounds as universal language, a way to get in meditation, a tool to understand where we are coming from, where we are, where we are going. Any of his creation always has a story behind that aims to deliver aesthetic journeys providing an immersive experiences for heterogeneous audiences.
His oeuvre are a mix between digital image/sound and different materials such as iron, fabrics, wood.
His artistic approach is the result of a learning by doing.
His works are the way to show and express the achievement connected to life he is facing daily.
He is always looking for beauty and aesthetics results that can be an immersive experience for a miscellaneous of audience.
”I am the dream & the dreamer!”
Artist profile :
SC: @kalunet

Artwork by wonderful Rhianna .