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Voodoocast 34 – San Ignacio

>>>>> @sleepingnacho <<<<< a mixture of odd rhthms, latin and foreign melodies, poems, radio cuts and home recorded atmospheres, for music lovers to at least be able to meet in this way, for lo-fi balcony dancing, for bicycle appreciation, to keep focus and, even when we expect hugs to come back, also remember we don't want the previous normality, or any. With unreleased tracks, a few new ones, and works and presence from Morita Vargas, El Mahdy Jr, Barda, E.A.R.L., Volatille, Ibu Selva, Ellen Allien, Apparat, Four Tet, Morita Vargas, Jin Yerei, Projeto Mujique, Carlos Loarte Flores, and Psilosamples. San Ignacio's latest album, La Identidad es una Trampa, can be found here: