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Brisa / Music for Tea / The Paraiso Mix / 4 hours of music selection by Mark GV Taylor

7 years ago have passed when I met Mark GV Taylor. Back then I found a selection of him on the AOR disco blog, I do not remember well, but I was impressed by the amount of unknown music for me. I dig on his Soundcloud, there I found an Argentinian progressive jazz mix that regularly, here in Buenos Aires, very few know this gems. I became obsessed listening to his music and I put some note in his selection which immediately answered me, at the time I was surprised. Well, I adore the music that Mark is always is sharing with me, he has directed me to musicians that I have never known, a true master with an incredible quality and quantity of notion of authors and genres, thus with an absolute sybaritism both in the collection of music and equipment, really, Mark is another planet!. As you know he has us totally hooked with his stuff always and more with this one, that he made for Brisa tea exclusively, a tasteful 4 hours marathon that has no words to express! Enjoy this cup of Tea! M&S