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Las aguas de la ascensión by Dr. Brodsky

We are imprisoned in the realm of life, like a sailor on his tiny boat, on an infinite ocean. ― Anna Freud

The Waters of Ascension is the story of the physical and spiritual transmutation to other states. Dark waters from which thirsty-enlightenment entities emerge trying to emancipate themselves, evaporating their minds to transcend, seduced perhaps by the promise of an oasis that flows to infinity. These waters have seen birth the matter that is then martyred in an act of consecration to reach the epiphany.

Four episodes voiced on four tracks and remixed by excellent DJs and producers from different parts of the world such as: Mexico, Peru, Great Britain, Colombia and Spain, reinterpreting the sound of Dr Brodsky through cadence rhythms, ancestral sounds and synthetic melodies that are diluted in a torrent of liquid delays.

released March 5, 2019

All original tracks by Dr Brodsky

Remixes by Qechuaboi, Coconutah, Panther Panther!, Sandunga, Lola Manola, Kid Cala, Ruido Selecto

Artworks by Dr Brodsky

Executive production: Dr Brodsky & Folcore Records

Mastering: Producciones Ensimismadas

Folcore Records website: