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Palma Dulce – Sintoma (TTR083) by Palma Dulce

Happy to present the new Album by our resident artist Palma Dulce! “Sintoma” brings us 8 tracks, with remixes by Tha_Guts and Spookyfish

Palma Dulce is a project by Clayton Borges, a 24-year-old music producer, born in the Cerrado, in the heart of Brazil.
The passion for the idea of synthesizing sounds came at a very young age, fiddling with guitar pedals and building noise boxes, always flirting a lot with the domination of sound technologies. Doing live acts or DJing, he always carries synthetic timbres, ethereal textures and emotionally sculpted chords.

Sintoma (Symptom in portuguese) is a collection of downtempo/slow-house tracks that were made at different times during the pandemic.
All of them are about particular experiences of affection and mental health, that intersects with the lives of many at that moment. In this completely liquid and diffused period, Palma Dulce broke a 4-year addiction to pharmaceutical amphetamines. Since then, the mind remains volatile at all times.
“The transformations are so fast I can’t keep up. Is my suffering a virtue, or a symptom of my relationship with the world?”

The Album is already available in all platforms:
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Curated by: Palmer

Cover Art: Juliana Lira

Masters: RHR

released June 24, 2022