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ITAI – Flame of the Pine Cone EP by ITAI, Spaniol, Makossa, Deer Jade

We’re thrilled to share our upcoming release, titled ‘Flame Of The Pinecone’ the 1st single of the upcoming album by the very talented Saxophonist, electronic producer and an established member of the Camel Riders family – ITAI, incl. remixes by Spaniol, Makossa, Deer Jade.
ITAI’s splendid original exhibits a hypnotising atmosphere, created by a pounding swirling base-line, fused with heart-warming Guitar riffs, trippy vocal fragments, extremely pleasant woody sounds and glorious saxophone melodies which collide into a fascinating tale full of light and darkness. On remix duty, 1st we have the honor to have back Spaniol on our label with his with his Micro House-ish agitated interpretation full of Jazzy vibes. 2nd we have the pleasure to welcome to Camel Riders the Italian producer Makossa which crafted a bubbling and obscure exquisite version for the original, that will make you feel like you’re in the middle of a lucid dream. Last but not least, we are thrilled to welcome Deer Jade to Camel Riders with her warm interpretation for ITAI’s ‘Flame Of The Pine Cone’, displaying a melancholic yet cheerful base-line with groovy spiral sounds and outstanding synth riffs blended with the original’s divine organic elements.
Here are some words by ITAI about the inspiration behind his wonderful original. “Flame of the Pinecone” was born on a stormy weekend in Idyllwild, with my partner, Wancy. In the midst of high December winds and a 24-hour power outage, we took a spiritual journey in a tiny cabin in the woods. On this dark, cold night in the mountains, we warmed ourselves by a small fire and, one by one, began adding giant California Coulter pinecones to the swirling flames. Watching these glorious cones burn was a whole journey on its own. As I stared into the fire, I began to sense the silhouette of a flamenco dancer emerging, and I was mesmerised. This image carried me home to Joshua Tree, where I immediately went to the studio and turned the vision into music – the track that is now “Flame of the Pinecone”, the first single of the soon-to-be-released album “A Trip to Idyllwild.

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