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Chasing the Dragon EP by Dolph

Having already contributed a remix to the third EP on Heimlich Musik, Berlin-based downtempo wizard Dolph now returns to the label with a solid solo EP consisting of four original mixes and remixes by Arutani and O/Y.

Chasing the Dragon enchants with a distinctive mixture of organic elements and well-dosed synth lines, creating a unique sound oscillating between dancefloor energy and living room atmosphere. Originating from Dolph’s infamous live performances, the 11th EP out on Heimlich Musik paints a coherent and homogeneous picture. The release’s title track is a metaphoric attempt to chase your inner dragon, describing a passionate state of consciousness between self-destruction and perfectionism, and the challenging attempt to find the balance between light and darkness. Highlighting melancholic elements with bright bell sounds, this inner fight is drawn in vivid detail, leaving the question open if the dragon ever gets caught. OMFG picks up this vibe without giving a clear answer – creating a euphoric feeling of enlightenment by mixing up a dominant lead sound with humanoid drums. As a symbol of falling for the dark side, Lilith is building up an atmosphere of irrational and passionate instincts, which are present as a dominant mood throughout… more
released December 6, 2019

Artwork: Vakat
Mastering: Robert Trifunovic