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South American Loa by Vudufa

Vudufa is a project by two producers from Lima (Pounda & nomodico) who explore the connections between Latin American genres and Afro-Peruvian rhythms and intertwine the outcomes with electronic music. Their releases always present a very distinctive nod towards Peru’s African heritage – a feature that is represented not only by the sound but also by numerous references to the Voodoo religion which you can spot in the artworks, titles of the tracks and, obviously, name of the duo as well.

Vudufa’s brand new EP – ‘South American Loa’ – is no exception. With the title containing collective word for Voodoo spirits, the release brings together six tracks built around very valuable elements – including charango (stringed Andean instrument) in ‘Andes Rada’, vocal hooks from cumbia selvática and cumbia from Huacabamba in ‘Damballa Boa’, Afro-Peruvian festejo dance in ‘Baron Samedi Is Here’, the sound of quijada (dried donkey jawbone) in ‘South American Loa’ and more.

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released October 30, 2020