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DJ Bey – Yaş Düğünü [EP] by Lump Records

DJ Bey aka Emrah Göktaş brings novelty to the international House Music scene combining traditional Turkish sound with Western theory. Raising in a household where ”arabesque” has been a huge part of life honed his unique style of music. Often inspired by early Turkish music, cinema and poetry, his sound unearths the hidden treasures and back alleys of the country’s artistic heritage. He combines a myriad of organic overtones with smooth psychedelic and textured deep beats paired with Middle Eastern instrumentation. His performances lend the foreign audience an insider’s look into the country’s musical repertoire while carrying the local audience back to their roots and surprising them with his novel touch. Brilliantly mixing the conventional with the controversial, DJ Bey is an aspiring talent both in his homeland and abroad. Allowing us to experience a combination of oriental and universal rhythms merged into one, his music delivers what it promises: A unique musical feast for our ears.
released May 7, 2021