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Biota – Sistema Organico (TTR074) by Biota

Welcoming he debut EP from Biota

BIOTA represents the symbiotic coexistence of flora & fauna, bridging ancient & modern, utilizing contrast to create colorful diversity.
Their journey is exploration of sound and movement, driven by aesthetics of sound art, cinematic atmosphere, psychedelia and the gritty roots of blues and rock&roll.

In Sistema Organico, the Israelian duo Roman Galperin & Moses Chimen deliver a variety of sonic textures, from spacey feedback guitars through tasty analog synths, forest flutes, traditional percussion, shamanic vibes and more delights – all composed into musical moods to dive into.

The whole piece is inspired by the meditative depths of the natural world, a tribute to the forest, the jungle, the great rivers and thoughts about our relationship with them as human beings.

Hope you enjoy!

Credits for Liberto:
Percussion & effects – INBE
Oud – Amit Yamin

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released March 7, 2021