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Vouch (CMR​-​37) by Seyu,Ground

Vocal & lyrics & Composition & melody by Seyu (

Track& Produced & Mixed By
Ground ( )

Mastered By
Kabamix ( )

Artwork By
Mt.chills ( )
Straighten my sleeve Money sign
Ain’t it a piece?
Oh, my time Breaking the law Shine, Shine
I’m in the show, like boy it’s mines I’m in the front, fuck hiding
What you? My ride? My gasoline? We get to floss like, on sight
At the awards like, oh sigh
I don’t wanna
like that
Only one soul and I broke that
Only one calm when they raped me Only one palm, then they break that Sey, we get the fleece?
Right, right
Not on a week night, night
I don’t know why, I cry, I cry God, I’m like mine
Sunny, Sunny, Sunny
Money, money
Only, only, only
Anyone one that saw me on that wonderful night
I’m in the back Gods speed Who’s in the front? Gosh, me
I’m in the club Kwasi (cousin)! We got the blow
Spite thieves
Weekend me made
Only we Sey
Holding me back
Won’t let me stay
Won’t le me shake shake shake Shay(friend)
Body like mine
Let them it’s fine
Go on the waist
Tell me you’ll stay
Hand, a grinade
Pussy, we play
Telling your lie, all on my time When we gone wake?
Wake, wait Anyone

released February 5, 2021