Diaspora Remixes by Lua Preta

Lua Preta is an Angolan/Polish duo that has taken the global bass scene by storm in the past few years. Since the end of 2017 they managed to put out a series of successful releases, play a great deal of well-received shows at festivals and clubs all over Europe (plus two gigs in New York), shoot a bunch of music videos (one of them being filmed in Lisbon) and catch attention of Branko himself who remixed their song for his renowned ‘Enchufada Na Zona’ compilation. In 2020 they went on to prepare a debut album called ‘Diaspora’ – a seven tracks collection showcasing their characteristic catchy Afro sound which included ‘Baile Lotus’ (played by Diplo in his BBC Radio 1 show), ‘Vim Para Vencer’ (collaboration with South African rapper Robin Thirdfloor) and ‘Drena’ (featured in an official Spotify playlist by Adidas). Now five of the songs from the last year’s release come back with new versions prepared by producers from five different countries. United States’ Tony Quattro highlights Ms. Gia’s vocals from ‘Drena’ and freshens up the beat by adding guitar riffs and swirling flutes. DJ Raff, one of the most important electronic music artists from Chile, skilfully slows down ‘Baile Lotus’ and in an unexpected turn of events pairs it with cumbia turning the track into a Latin… more credits released June 4, 2021