Cosmovision Records C๏sʍ๏cast ★ 56 | Johnny Posh | Empath Funk

C๏sʍ๏cast ★ 56 @johnny-posh 🇨🇦
Release date: | February, 3, 2020
Label: @cosmovisionrecords
Artwork by Victoria Topping
Listen on spotify :

” Funk is essentially soul music, we all posses empathy and we all live an infinite universal journey of endless possibilities, one I wished to portray through music. The vibe behind this mix is as you described my album, mystic, trippy, hypnotic and crazy soundscapes. Hope you enjoy it! Much Love ” @johnny-posh

About @johnny-posh :
Meet man-machine Johnny Posh – analog marriage of light and dark, ambience and force. Journey through cinematic-inspired soundscapes inspired by psychedelic scenes, progressive electronic sounds and acoustic instruments. Expect seamless human elements atop the digital floor-filling standard of 21st century with analog drum machines, custom synthesis, and live performances that transcends time itself. Johnny Posh is pushing forward in Canadian Downtempo/Electronic music having national radio releases, international bookings and support from some of the best in the genre!

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