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Cien Años de Soledad EP by Ejder Kazar

Currently based in Istanbul, the live act and music producer Ejder Kazar chooses music as the best way to interpret life. Although Armenian, he has been exploiting his life to the utmost on the majestic city that spans Europe and Asia. In his childhood, Ejder started being passionate by break dance, part of the hip hop culture created by African Americans and Latinos in the 1970s in New York, and as being born in a different ‘geography’ he always felt a vertiginous crush on South America. Influenced by Middle Eastern societies and inspired by history and nature, Ejder Kazar performs his music in a society that lives in a comparative synthesis between the new and the old, thus, he blends the mysterious spirit of the Middle East with the digital world.

Nowadays, everything is a reference, including the literature that lends its ideas to other arts. Thus, using as initial inspiration the book ‘Cien Anons de Soledad’ (One Hundred Years of Solitude) by acclaimed Colombian political activist writer Gabriel Garcia Marquéz, Ejder gently interweaves the fantastic and painful history of the Buendías, generation after generation, with the weight of the past, the dream’s future and imaginative flights of fantasy in order to create his debut EP, which takes the book’s title. However… more
released September 16, 2020

Music\ All tracks produced by Ejder Kazar

Artwork\ Mrs. Räbbit

Master\ Murillo Faleiros