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COQUNGELI by Mario Swagga & DJ Silila

‘Very intensive body experience’, ‘world’s most thrilling new dance style’, ‘shot of adrenaline’, ‘rapid-fire sound’ – these are only few examples of attempts at describing the frenetic nature of singeli taken from the numerous publications on the genre in the most respected music websites and magazines all around the globe. For the past three years this Tanzanian genre has been a true phenomenon that has taken festivals, clubs and underground electronic music fans by storm, leaving clueless audiences dripping with sweat after struggling to adjust their bodies to the extreme BPMs.

However, an impressive number of gigs and enthusiastic reviews is not reflected in the amount of available official singeli records. With COQUNGELI – which has been prepared by Mario Swagga and DJ Silila, a pair of Dar es Salaam-based artists coming from the Kiwalani district – Basy Tropikalne makes its own contribution to this limited group of sought-after releases filled with absurdly sped-up looped beats and frantic Swahili rapping on top. Oscillating at tempos exceeding 200 beats per minute and with an MC having over 10 years of experience in performing at street parties in Tanzania’s biggest city, this EP will be no exception there.

Mastering: Barnabás R. Kiss at

Artwork: Marta Chojnacka –,

Special thanks to David Kerr and Salim Ngunengune

Basy Tropikalne
released June 3, 2020