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Moja by Dandara

Sol Selectas presents a new original EP from Dandara out of Switzerland. Known primarily for his downbeat tracks, this release explores the more uptempo side of Dandara, combining his love for African vocals, melodies, and tribal grooves.

“Moja” leads the pack here with lush chords and synth stabs framing the tune, and African chants which call us straight to the dance floor.

“Caracal” is pure groove with an infectious baseline, captivated melodies and live tribal djembe drums on top which Dandara played himself. The vocal shouts and acid arpeggios add suspense to the song and keep things moving.

“Atumbe” creates an atmosphere of midnight dancing in a moonlit jungle. Percussive rolls and wooden mallets repeat to sustain the groove, while the electronic synth stabs and arpeggios keep us in modern times.

On remix duties each song gets it’s own interpretation from more friends of the label.
Elfenberg strip back “Atumbe” to its tribal elements, adding their own cow bells, and moments of tension.
Klik and Frik take “Caracal” and elevate it to a higher place with chords build ups, a funky “live” drum kit sound, and big… more
released December 7, 2019