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Zavaleta Style by Black Mandingo

Black Mandingo’s new work is nothing less than a bunch of songs that face the conventional structures of established music. Zavaleta Style is a selection of 8 cuts with a tremendous danceable insolence, which are closer to improvisation, live set, DJ Jam, real time mash-up, than static and millimeter productions made in DAWs in homestudios. This brings freshness and immeasurable open-minded state.

Zavaleta Style by Black Mandingo is a kind of “lost & found works”, like a treasure at the bottom of the Buenos Aires’ Riachuelo. An astral journey towards the lysergic mind of dancing of an ecstatic and transcendental cumbia from the Buenos Aires suburbs. An explosion of daring sonorities, an articulation of tropicaloid rhythms, urban metadiscoteque sampling, an overwhelming sound scintillation, a clash of concepts in the streets of your brain. Cumbia neighborhood of the digital working class and many other qualifying adjectives that your mind cannot assimilate all together.

In short, a compilation of essential Beats for the Cumbia Block Party that is celebrated in the corner of your musical perceptions.

released August 25, 2019

All tracks & sampling by Black Mandingo
Mastering by Emiliano Gómez –
Executive production Germán de Souza & Black Mandingo
Released by Folcore Records –