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Wuza Waves #052 – ANGST vor GRETA – AWAKE THE SHAMAN

Already a few years ago, she was highly recommended from own ranks.
Now we have also found our way to each other and then with full intensity.
First she will take us into her world of sound with her podcast and on 06.08.2021 she will launch her debut with a production of a somewhat different kind on Wuza Records with her EP, which arose from her first acquaintance with Heidenreich, who is now known to one or the other.
Greta has been producing for over 10 years. It all started in the Berlin club scene. With New Wave & Techno and then shortly afterwards she experienced her magical barefoot moment to Downtempo at a festival.
She dedicates this podcast to a (shamanic) retreat she recently experienced. She would like to share the harmony with the earth & her self with you in this way.
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SC: @angstvorgreta
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Bora Bao