Where The Rainbow Ends by Agle

The 25th EP on Heimlich Musik titled ‘Where The Rainbow Ends’ is a powerful contribution by Barcelona-based artist Agle consisting of two original mixes and remixes by Theus Mago, Rigopolar and Hanzo & Yaman. Both original mixes draw on analog synthesizers and dramatic samples to create a dark cinematic atmosphere that appears even disturbing at some point. Like a fight between light and darkness, the title track combines industrial elements and Agle’s characteristic 80s aesthetics. ‘Vultures Circle’ is a trippy journey evoking the feeling of being lost in a David Lynch movie lead by a mighty acid bassline. While keeping the cinematic vibe, Theus Mago adds some extra weirdness on his remix. On the other side of the spectrum, Rigopolar’s dark disco interpretation is clearly made for ecstatic moments. Based between Istanbul and Vienna, Hanzo & Yaman transform the original into a stoic march giving your belly a proper dance.

released May 13, 2022

Artwork: Vakat
Mastering: Robert Trifunovic

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