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Warrior by Kósh

Athens-born and bred artist Kósh serves up his first fantastic release on connected, and it features South African vocalist Lizwi.

Kósh has been DJing for more than a decade. He was an esteemed resident at Branco in Mykonos where he has played alongside the likes of Guy Gerber, DJ Tennis and Pachanga Boys and spent last season in Tulum. This is his first proper release and it came together during lockdown with unique vocal input from Durban-based singer Lizwi. She has worked with many greats of the Afro House scene such as Themba, Vanco, Doug Gomez and Cee ElAssaad. Her fierce style is instantly recognisable and it’s that which helps to make the lead single so standout.

The powerful ‘Warrior’ is a tight and robust rhythm track underpinned by deep, pulsing bass. Waves of sequencer chords compliment Lizwi’s vocal as it grows into a crowd-pleasing and empowering anthem. The track is steeped in unmistakable spiritualism, emotion and uplifting positivity. That continues on the superb ‘Reis’ which has bubbling congas and a grooving bass drum pattern. The dance floor allure is strong in this one as the atmospheric synths build and spoken wordvocals add true depth next to exotic kalimba melodies.

released December 3, 2021