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Botanas: MaguPi by MaguPi

Márcio Pinto is a Portuguese musician with a degree in Classical Percussion who is also a member of several well known Portuguese bands.

Passionate about exotic and tribal rhythms, Márcio has travels extensively to Western Africa in search of knowledge about traditional percussion from the region and he has a special interest in the balophone.

Inspired by the balophone, universally known as the marimba, Márcio created MaguPi, an electroacoustic project inspired by African sounds and rhythms.

Pai Changa:

A Mandingue rhythm from the western coast of Africa reimagined by a classical percussionist. The voices convey human liberation through ancestral plants used by indigenous peoples.

O Ritual:

In “O Ritual,” the voices, recorded by MaguPi, provide the initial theme upon which the rest of the song is based. Various cultures are united in this song: Arabic, Latin-American, African, and its conception arose in ritual form.

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released August 30, 2019

Papa JuJu, Nataniel Melo, Gulami, Paulo das Cavernas, Peter Xoben, Ricardo Martins

Mixing: Ivan Pereira