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Salam Habibis!

Since we all coexist on this planet — some closer to, some farther away from each other — we know how you have been feeling this past year.
Mood swings happen on a daily basis. Uncertainty is sitting deeply in all of us. What is happening? Where will this lead? Is there an end in sight?

We’re no psychics either, but in times like these something everyone should do is to keep the spirits up for themselves and those around them.
And so we set out and forged something, that’s rather different from our usual output, but yet wholesome and our equivalent of a bag of warm and loving hugs. Without the fear of getting infected with some kind of virus of course.

A new story in our ever growing book of slowness is coming to fruition and now is the time to present its first chapter.

Please welcome to the stage our first box of .

A nice and cozy selection of jazzy / smooth / hip-hop infused beats, crafted by people you might or might not have anticipated on such an… more
released October 10, 2020

mastering by haunted water
artwork by daensen