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Nijaallanna by Z / F

Cosmovision Records magic has appeared again and we’re here with new surprises for you. This time we welcome the Italian duo and Live Show Z / F with the ¨Nijaallanna EP¨, a colorful production that blooms with beautiful organic atmospheres and deep tribal rhythms from Africa and Latin America, an EP full of groovy rhythms and percussions, plus warm and joyful strings that combine smoothly with voices from the Earth, with the art of traditional cultures.

This may sound familiar to some, but also there’s a fresh touch of sophistication and spark from these 2 Italian artists, Simone Nati AKA Zenabu and Dario Firuzabadì, both musicians and multicultural explorers of folklore and ¨out-of-the-box¨ electronic music projects.
In their own words:

¨Nijaallanna¨ means ¨We will love” in the Oromo language and the tribal rhythms and songs contained in this album are for us, spiritual and physical healing rituals.
A peaceful but powerful reaction to these difficult years, a way out towards redemption, through union and harmony. This production celebrates music and dance as a means of reaching a higher frequency of vibration¨

With no more words to add, we invite you to put play on this fantastic ritual of grooves, voices and drums that will take you to a place closer to Mother Earth and we hope you find a beautiful connection with these rhythms as much as we did.

As always, free to listen/download and you can donate what you can as it’s ¨name your price¨. With endless love to you, from Z / F and the Cosmovision Records team, enjoy it a lot!

released July 1, 2022