Thur​í​dur by Tofu Resistance

Tofu Resistance returns with his new ep “Thurídur”, marking his 3rd release on YNFND after his full length debut “1//23“ in 2019.
This EP sits comfortably between both the world of beats and a more relaxed environment. Returning to his roots, Tofu Resistance aka Tobias Kleine remembers his early influences of sample based music and classy hip hop grooves.
The result is a sonorous sketch of deceleration, answering with bouncy rhythms to nod your head to. You can hear him playing the drums, guitars and various other instruments on this record.
A beautiful blend of organic and electronic production, adding his unique Tofu flavor.

releases September 30, 2022

Mastered by Kuzio
Catalog Number YNFND 023

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