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The Miner (Abandon: Part I)


The Miner chronicles one person’s epiphany and refusal to continue wrecking himself and the earth. Filastine teamed up with cinematographer Astu Prasidya and Jakarta street dancer Al Imran Karim to descend into clouds of poisonous gas to stage a dance performance in the Kawah Ijen sulfur mines of Java, and disguised themselves in company uniforms to infiltrate the coal pits of Borneo. Coal is dirtiest of all fossil fuels, a chief culprit in climate change, and Indonesia is the world’s largest exporter.

About The Abandon Series
An episode of Abandon, featuring a new song by Filastine, will be released quarterly throughout 2016. All the songs of Abandon will be bundled together with other new tracks for an album release in Spring 2017
March 29 The Miner (Borneo & Java, Indonesia) escape from extraction
May 26 The Cleaner (Lisbon, Portugal) a maid sheds her invisibility
Sept. 22 The Salarymen (Seattle, USA) a day at the office hits a glitch
Dec/Jan The Chatarreros (Barcelona, Spain) choreography of migrant scrap collectors

The Miner was funded by a legal settlement from the NYPD, and by the Kindle Project

Music: composed/produced by Grey Filastine, voice & lyrics by Nova Ruth, cello by Brent Arnold

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