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Jack Essek – Mahogany EP by Jack Essek

We’re thrilled to present Camel Riders’ brand new release, titled ‘Mahogany EP’, by Jack Essek, incl. remixes by Nebu Mitte, Alt Control, Seel.
The French producer Jack Essek displays in his brand new release, four splendid original tracks: ‘Mahogany’, ‘Allahu Allah’, ‘Hindustan’, and ‘Esengo’, which are accompanied by four brilliant remixes. Jack Essek’s original tracks manage to take the listeners into a deep colourful psychedelic journey that crosses the vast middle eastern lands and reaches the most mystical parts of India. An extremely diverse exhibition of ancient traditions blended with an exquisite palette of powerful futuristic electronic sounds and psychedelic rhythms, enveloped by delicious bass lines and hypnotizing vocals. Prepare yourselves to get drifted into a magical adventure full of light & darkness, pleasurable melancholia & heart-warming sounds, drama, romance and much more. These four originals will penetrate the deepest spots of your soul and will make your whole body move to its fascinating sounds. On remix duty, we have the pleasure to have Seel and Alt Control back on our label and to welcome to the Camel Riders family the Madrid-based producer and the London-based producer, Nebu Mitte and Commoner. 1st we are serving you Seel’s glorious darkish remix for the EP theme track ‘Mahogany’, which transformed the original’s groovy nomadic atmosphere into a dramatic and psychedelic tale. 2nd we have Alt Control with his brilliant clubby interpretation for ‘Allahu Allah’, which crafted an exquisite fusion of progressive techno and Indie Dance sounds, giving the original’s rootful psychedelic vibe, a more colourful and powerful atmosphere. Coming up next, we have Nebu Mitte’s eclectic remix for ‘Hindustan’, converting the original’s rounded groovy vibe into a spiky and very mysterious adventure full of mighty exquisite electronic sounds. Last but not least we are serving you Commoners enchanting remix for ‘Esengo’, which takes the original’s deep obscure and psychedelic melodies into a sunny and very colourful island of exotic rhythms with pleasurable percussions, dreamy melodies & vocal fragments, all caressed with refreshing windy electronic sounds.

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