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Tagnawit EP by Cheb Runner

The latest project by belgo-moroccan producer Reda Senhaji, alias Cheb Runner, focuses on breeding a new style of music between Electronics and Gnawa. Taking inspiration from New Beat to Techno, Acid House and Gabber, the grooves are relentless, stiff and club oriented, relying heavily on analog synths and drum-machines.

The sound is darker, more experimental and mature than the artist’s previous project, Gan Gah. But the producer also digs into the acoustic sounds of his youth, for an organic feeling of warmth and celebration. The syncopation of the classic Gnawa percussions – Qraqebs & Tbal – combined with the use of Guembri bass are the heart and soul of the Tagnawit EP, Tagnawit translates as ‘the way of the gnawa’. Featuring two traditional Gnawa masters (maalems) based in Brussels, Mâalem Driss Filali and Mâalem Hicham Bilali, this EP is a reunion for the belgian Gnawa scene, keeping the vibe alive.

In a world of dematerialized culture, we tend to forget where we come from: by putting Gnawa music at the center of his production, Cheb Runner creates a bridge with the past. The young producer is a son of Gnawa himself, this is the music he grew up with and played as a kid. Now he brings it to the club scene : Cheb Runner’s… more
released March 11, 2020

all songs composed by Cheb Runner
mastered by Frederic Alstadt (Angstrom Studio)
produced by Rebel Up Records
booking/management by Beats ‘n’ Roots