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James Bright ‘Camino’ Remixes by eclectics

October 2020: Eclectics release Camino (Remixes) by James Bright w/ Vanity Project and Statues

Sit back, relax, take the weight off.

That’s the thinking behind the latest EP from the Eclectics stable – Camino (Remixes). Using original source material from Eclectics frequent flier James Bright, Vanity Project (aka Matt Bruce) and Statues’ Bradley Lucke have turned in two tracks apiece that go slow and low to ease the tempo.

First up Vanity Project kicks things off with a take on the fittingly titled “Back Roads”. The result is a track that’s happy to explore the long way round, embracing the bends and curves it encounters in a lower gear. Flourishes of guitar and blossoming synth sounds provide the view while the sonorous bass notes lead us to a happy place – open, widescreen and technicolour.

“The Level”, meanwhile, is a tune taken right down to its foundations with a touch of dub bass and a (rim)shot of percussive prowess to keep the shape from sprawling. It’s a tune that reclines to horizontal without once looking in danger of spilling its drink – assured, relaxed and refined. It’s an aural mood board for a lottery win, a touch of the good life within the reach of… more
released October 20, 2020

Artist: James Bright
Remixes: Vanity Project & Statues
Artwork: Santi Oviedo
Copy: Jah Shabby
Mastering: Anthony Puglisi (Sentrall Studios)