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Edited cumbia – sometimes also called edited kumbia – is the mix of all cumbia variants with samplers, basses, and sonic evocations of other musical styles and genres. It is the evolution of digital cumbia, born from the democratization of domestic appliances, new technologies and the popular inheritance of the sonidera tradition, a culture that began in neighborhoods of Mexico City, Puebla, San Luis Potosí and Monterrey, based on taste for the Colombian cumbia, managing to cross over time: social classes, geographies, prejudices, centralist economies and political borders, currently establishing itself in the United States, Europe and Asia.

It shares the same subversive and revolutionary power of other countercultural styles such as hip hop, house, techno, motown, dub and Colombian picós, while they have broken the hegemonic sound that can be found on an album to combine it with others. ; mixing them, breaking them, scratching them, talking about them and creating a new artistic idea.

Currently, edited cumbia is also the artistic support of young people from problem neighborhoods who otherwise would not have a stable future, allowing them to create “edited” that are generally used as tools by young people … more
released February 28, 2020

Dj Spoon (SLP, MX). Víctor Daniel Zambrano has been working cumbia for 6 years, edited with the character and style of the Wepa, an endemic sound from San Luis Potosí, Mexico. At 16 years of age, he has collaborated with Grupo Megakali, as well as working international editions for Kiss Sound, Twist NY, Manhattan, Samuray and Fantasma, long-standing exponents with a long tradition within the transnational soundtrack. He is currently a producer of Kumbia Obscura under the creative direction of Diego Iván Gutiérrez.

Talacha (OAX, MX). Diego Iván Gutiérrez is the being that is behind this macabre entity. Born in Oaxaca and raised in San Miguel Allende, Gto., He currently resides in New York and combines his passion for cumbia with his work as a graphic designer. He is a founding member of the Kumbia Obscura (K.O.) collective, a platform that promotes edited and digital sentimental, atmospheric and dark “kumbia”, where he works as Creative Director and DJ / Producer. Along with Turbo Sonidero, Arrabalero, Mextape, Orihuela MSS, Cifickzer and Satánico Dr. Trvza, among other members, they are constantly looking for new applications that dignify the history and movement of cumbia.

With your purchase or donation you are helping to keep Caballito Netlabel alive. Thank you.
With your purchase or donation you are helping keep Caballito Netlabel alive. Thanks.

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