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Rhythm Section Sample Pack BUNDLE #1 by Rhythm Section International

This was originally made for a one off sale but we where really surprised by how many people where interested in the whole package so we decided to keep it on for anyone who wants to grab a whole vaults worth of sounds.
This is sample pack vol 1 thru 7.

The Latest packs will be available separately for now – but once we have a few more under our belt we’ll no doubt do a second anthology.

Thanks for the continuing support on this series – we hope it’s inspiring some creativity!
Do slide in the DM’s with anything you may have made with these packs – we’d love to hear it.

The studio where most of these samples where synthesised or recorded is our own. It’s based in Greenwich South London and you can book it!
We also offer Tuition, mixing and production assistance directly or thru our patreon.

⭐️ * download link for entire package is available in bonus pdf when purchased.*⭐️
🧙‍♀️ Those who unlawfully distribute the link will be cursed. 👿

Thanks for supporting Independent music.
released November 27, 2020

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