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Chapter 2: Death And Rebirth by Scott Xylo

Scott Xylo revisits his high concept psychedelic world in Chapter Two: Death and Rebirth is the continuation and development of the characters and universe building of Chapter One: El Mago.

‘While I was making the EP I wanted the sound and explore multiple genres to evolve with the character called the Space Wizard. I wanted to take the psychedelic approach in El Mago and make it more spiritual, progress the rock influences and make them more jazz inspired.’

Although esoteric & obscure Scott’s worlds are built around a very personal themes engaging spiritual and emotional vulnerability. ‘Being heavily influenced by DJ shadow and Don Cherry on this EP, I wanted to take the realms of trip hop and make it more spiritual and free. Blending samples and live instruments, while not restricting to any forms of traditional structure, I wanted this EP to feel like a progression through my own life, killing all of the darkness that was once in me and rebirthing myself from the ashes of my depression.’

As with previous transmissions Scott enlists an army of talented friends to join the party and harness their distinct energies for the pot. Below Scott breaks down the EP track by track:

‘The EP starts with Death Of The Space Wizard, a dark… more
released July 3, 2020