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Behind the QOSQI alias is Finnish artist Teemu Raudaskoski. The man’s music is a mix of organic club sound, worldmusic and pulsating rhythms. Teemu’s second album “Valoääni” was released in 2017 and received an very enthusiastic response. New material in Hawaï Bonsai release is more electrifying and suitable for dancefloors as well. Qosqillas EP features also two enchanting vocalist’s Minnas and Marja. QOSQI will take you on a journey to new sound continents. There you find his musical landscape: A delicious electronica with refreshing melodies. Charango brings the message from the mountains. Raudaskoski is also deeply involved with visual art and see synergy between music and fineart: “My Music and sounds are generated from images and viceversa. I intuitively navigate in the sound and color space
released January 31, 2020
Cover Teemu Raudaskoski