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Causa Sui EP by J-PØØL

J. Pool is an artist originally from Canada. He began this project while living in the forests of Canada with the intention of creating organic sounding music that captured the essence of his natural surroundings. Over the past few years he has been traveling the world, taking inspiration from the many cultures that he has experienced and absorbing the unique energy of each place, which has helped him to form a style that is a fusion of many elements from around the globe. His love for both music and travel led him to create a portable studio setup which he uses to write and record music everywhere he goes, as well as capturing unique field recordings and nature atmospheres which he incorporates into all of his songs.

The Causa Sui EP was written this last year while traveling 6 months in Sri Lanka, India, and Indonesia.

Anatta is reflection of the peaceful and sublime energy of the jungles and mountains of Sri Lanka and southern India.

Moh Maya was inspired by travels in the northern deserts and ancient cities of India. Moh Maya means “nomadic person” in a dialect of northern India and it represents the spiritual journey of a desert wanderer.

Lacuna was inspired by the ancient dance rituals of Indonesia, it encompasses the tribal essence of the native dance as well as the dark mystic sensation of the rain forest at night.
released July 25, 2019