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Ñuka Shunku EP by Huaira

To celebrate the summer solstice we are incredibly excited to present Ñuka Shunku, the debut EP by Ecuadorian singer-songwriter Huaira. Based in Quito, Huaira is one of the leading names in the emerging Ecuadorian scene of young musicians and producers seeking inspiration in the country’s folklore and reimagining what it could sound like in the 21st century. Huaira’s name first received global recognition for her collaboration with Nicola Cruz on his track Colibria, from his debut album Prender el alma but on this EP her own talent as a songwriter shines with four beautiful tracks inspired by the incredible nature around her and Ecuador’s rich ancestral roots.

On Ñuka Shunku, which means “I am pure heart” in quechua, Huaira shares a sound that seems to embody Ecuador’s incredible landscapes – the lush rainforest, the soaring mountains and the stunning beauty of her country. She presents a new, deeper, more spiritual aspect to the organic-electronic scene, as if drawing her own voice and lyrics from the earth or madre tierra itself. In her own words:

“It is sharing a message that comes from the earth itself, from the ancestors. Tangible ideas that materialise in music to inspire, celebrate and share the roots of our untameable America, a continent that never stops to remind us of something we often forget:… more
released June 21, 2018

Recorded & Produced in Quito, Ecuador at “La Clave del Apu”
Production by Pablo Vicencio
All the lyrics by Huaira Ukay, except
Music by: Pablo Vicencio, Julio Vicencio and Juan Diego Illescas
Semilla Solar by Huaira Ukay & Alejandra Ortiz
Clavelito by Tanya Sanchez.
Ñuka Shunku by Julio Vicencio
Mastering: Robert Small
Artwork: Roberto Sanchez