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Halcyon EP by ĂVEM

After starting the journey of Heimlich Musik by contributing the very first EP to be released on the label, Basel-based producer Avem is returning to the Viennese imprint now with a unique collection of impressions deriving from his latest inspirations and collaborations – all packed into one colorful EP. The title “Halcyon” refers to a Greek myth about Kingfishers leaving the listener touched with some kind of emotional ambivalence.

Three of four tracks are featuring guests and it’s all family business with Arutani and Dandara on the one hand while also establishing new connections with Zazou on the other hand. The title track “Halcyon” featuring Arutani is based on a unique melancholic mood, and “Untitled” featuring Zazou is pushing this melancholic vibe even further all the way to the maximum, using a powerful melody that immediately evokes goosebumps when dropped just at the right moment. “Plastikmenschen” with Dandara & Arutani unites the best that Basel has to offer when it comes to deep club tracks using complex drum patterns, creating an intense drive that will push you through any night. “Oh Wieso” serves as a guide through confusing festival experiences, seeming to lose track of time but always coming back to a straight direction into trippy times.

Avem’s “Halcyon” EP is an ode to friendship, and all the inspirations and impressions that these special connections create – a very well fit into the whole concept of Heimlich Musik.

released April 19, 2019