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MR001: Igado EP by Tarsius

More Rice’s first record will be a release by Manila based electronic live duo Tarsius, who have been a familiar name in the local circuit for a few years with some notable productions that have made it into record bags around the world. The duo consists of Diego Mapa behind production, and Jay Gapasin on the live drums, which translates into a rolling, very percussive and distinguishable sound that has become their signature. Entitled Igado EP, the release features three original tracks, and a remix by Swiss DJ and producer Manuel Fischer.

On the A-side, “Trickle Down” showcases a somewhat deeper Tarsius sound with an ominous bassline, but still focused on the live percussive sounds of Jay Gapasin. “Cerium” on the other hand, is their signature take on dance music – rolling, bouncy, with wild drums and clear breaks to get a crowd moving. The B-side shows a mellow and more emotive side of Tarsius with the track AM. Organic sounding drums over a melody that was inspired by an obscure 1970s Filipino composer make the perfect track for ending a night. To cap off the release we have “Manuel Fischer’s Farang Kee-Nok Remix” of AM, which showcases his taste for drum machine programming, giving the track a dance floor treatment whilst retaining the original melody and character of the track – dreamy, light and utopian – best listened to at sunset or sunrise on some tropical paradise in Asia.
released July 21, 2017

Produced by Tarsius
Remixed by Manuel Fischer
Mastered by Oakfield Mastering
Artwork by Silkysinn
Distributed by Lobster Distribution

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